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Locally Owned & Operated

Premier Electrical Services swears by the idea- “Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand.” Our reputation as a prime electrical services provider in the US driven by this idea has been earned by our dedication to customer service and performance excellence. Ever since we started off with a team of certified and licensed electricians to address every small or big electrical requirement, we have strived to consistently exceed expectations and pride ourselves on our ability to control project costs while producing quality workmanship.

Our mission as a company is to adopt the latest technologies befitting any new construction, commercial, residential, and industrial setup and explore diversity in our electrical services. Premier Electrical Services offers 24-hour emergency as well as scheduled electrical services on all days of the week so your work does not get stalled for any reason.


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Electricians You Can Count On!

Over the years, Premier Electrical Services has aptly responded to every requirement in and around the US encompassing an array of electrical services. As our name suggests, every appointment or schedule undertaken by us is completed with the objective to extend top-tier services whatever the requirement is. We assure the friendliest service while keeping our customers’ convenience and satisfaction as our priorities.

Premier Electrical Services has a significant presence in offering all kinds of electrical services that set standards in the region. Our services stand out from others in terms of stringent supervision and quality control to conform with the highest standards of quality and reliability. The driving force behind our experienced and courteous team is the fact that quality in a service or product is not what you put into it but what the customer gets out of it.

We make heads turn and establish a strong customer base since we arrive to handle all your electrical work with a fully-stocked truck. Our fully licensed, insured, and bonded electricians are always ready to get the job done without multiple trips to your place. What’s more, you need not worry about the safety or hygiene of your settings as Premier Electrical Services only hires clean-cut, drug tested and background checked electricians who you can trust to be around your family, your pets, and your possessions.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

Premier Electrical Services allows you to be confident that your electrical wiring installation/upgrade/repair project will meet and exceed your expectations. With our quality service, we ensure 100% satisfaction since every session is personally supervised or undertaken in the presence of licensed electricians.

Courteous & Professional Service

Premier represents proficiency and dexterity, which is reflected in its services. We personally care and cater to every requirement and project as if it were our own. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t want working in our own home. We keep ourselves equipped with enough resources to handle large volumes of work.

Licensed Service

Premier Electrical Services complies with all the necessary licenses and permits required by the government authorities to ensure authenticity and avoid any possible inconvenience or liability to the customer in case of any mishap.

Timely Assistance

We value your time and commitments, which is why we are ready to put you first and schedule an appointment at your convenience. No matter what day or time it is, our electricians will be available at your doorstep whenever you book an appointment.

Spotless Service

When working in your home, our electricians will use the necessary precautions to keep your home spotless. When we leave, your home will be as clean as it was when we arrived!


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Camera Installations, Security Products, Access Control

For your place to stay protected from crimes or mishaps, you need a proactive and vigilant security system that can notify you irrespective of your location, is easily accessible, and does not fall through owing to connection issues.

If you prioritize privacy and network security, connected cameras are the way to go. Premier Electrical Services specializes in helping clients set up varied security products and security systems in a done-for-you installation session.

If you are looking for an efficient access control system in the US, you must explore options that allow individuals to get access to certain areas if necessitated while also preventing unwanted entry to restricted areas. Whether you’re a small business or a residential customer, Premier Electrical Services can help you with your electrical needs.  Learn More.

Electrical Wiring And Panel Replacement Upgrades

Renovating or revamping your living or workspace entails a lot. Your house or office may require an upgrade if the existing wiring is too old and you have to ensure safety or because the existing wiring no longer meets your needs. If you don’t know when your wiring was last inspected, it’s worth calling up a licensed electrician to give it a once-over, especially if you have warning signs.

Premier Electrical Services has a qualified team of licensed electricians that carry out a prompt, budget-friendly, and quality wiring upgrade session. We provide 100% satisfaction that you can avail of on all days of the week. In electrical wiring, a surge can come from a lightning strike or a utility power surge. Many of these instances can be unforeseeable. Electrical panels that are inadequate, overloaded, or do not meet safety requirements, regardless of age, should also be updated or replaced.  Learn More.

Fixing Breakers

There are many types and sizes of circuit Breakers used on power systems from residential to large industrial and utility systems. More advanced breakers can have many adjustments in settings that offer better coordination and selectivity with other protective devices. There are two main reasons why you would want to replace or need to replace a circuit breaker, one being the breaker is not putting any power out and the other reason is the breakers tripping at a lower current than what it’s rated for. If you don’t know how to do this on your own, you may call a licensed electrician.

Premier Electrical Services has a team of experienced and licensed electricians who specialize in the installation, repair, and upgrade of circuit breakers at your home or office. The sooner you get a new circuit breaker or call an electrician, the better because you don’t want to be without power or wait for a blackout. Our electricians offer emergency and regular around-the-clock services on all days of the week that address your issues promptly and skillfully. Learn More.

The Importance and Kinds of Insurance in Electrical Work

If you are upgrading your electrical system in your home or small business, you should also be considering the benefits of hiring an insured electrician. If your electrician carries a valid insurance certificate, it will help you receive compensation in the event of damage to your property or person for any negligent act committed by the electrician. While the added benefit of hiring an insured contractor might cost you a bit more, you will anyway have peace of mind should something go wrong. This is also important from a legal point of view since it helps one avoid the hassle of legal issues. The different types of insurance based on whether you are carrying out electrical work at a residential, commercial, or industrial space include public liability insurance, employer’s liability, and professional indemnity insurance.

Premier Electrical Services has been offering electrical services in the US with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction. All our electricians are insured.

Network Cabling, Rack Installation, Structured Cabling

Cabling networks link us to the internet through wiring that’s safe, reliable, and strong. This is especially important in places like homes and offices where local networks are active. Network cables come in a variety of forms, which also determines which system is better. Twisted pair cables are the most commonly used type of communication cable for networking. If you have a small area with only a few computers, then you might require cables like Category 3 and Category 5 cables. Cabling infrastructure that is structured for all technology determines the functioning of electrical systems considerably. The structured cabling system should cover all elements of the building, hardware, and technology requirements and bring them all into a central design. Infrastructure must be installed to ensure that the hardware performs at its required levels of work.

Premier Electrical Services assists you with a warranted, skilled, and well-equipped cabling installation session. Their background-checked electricians carry out a safe and reliable electrical cabling session in your area. Learn More.

Don’t Take A Chance: Why You Should Always Hire A Licensed Electrician

The reasons for hiring electricians for carrying out electrical repair work at your home or office are numerous. Electrocution is still the leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities, but many of these deaths can be prevented by ensuring qualified electrical workers perform all electrical work that does not only ensure that the work is done right, but also that it is done safely. In order to ensure the highest quality of services, they follow all the latest safety principles with a special focus on customer satisfaction. Licensed electricians will also be protected by liability insurance if they are hurt while on the job. With a fully functional office space or residential area, nobody wants to go without electricity or any of the other electrical conveniences we take for granted. Holding a diverse experience in affordable residential and commercial electrical repairs, we guarantee that all of our electricians are competent, insured, licensed and background verified. Learn More.

Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation

Lighting is most effective when utilized to accentuate design components. It complements the dynamic quality architectural type, but with a completely different execution. The lighting effect primarily relies on nearby structures to act as ambient light sources. This can be quite powerful when it leverages a distinct interior material palette. Using strategic selection and placement, you can convert a dark and spooky landscape into a safe and secure area that is also pleasing to the eye.

When you choose Premier Electrical Services for your outdoor lighting needs, you are choosing someone that is backed by years of experience and expertise in landscape lighting, floodlighting, tree lighting, and low-voltage lighting. Our certified experts work on all aspects of the display, from selecting low-voltage fixtures that are specifically designed for the outdoors to installing them in the most flattering ways possible. Learn More.

Wireless Installations

Many modern businesses are increasingly relying on wireless systems owing to their ability to connect multiple sites/devices at the same time without any major technical issues. The non-cluttered, cost-efficient, accessibility, installation, enhanced range, and mobility of the network is, perhaps, the most catchy aspect. Under the right assistance of certified electricians like those of Premier Electrical, Services, this could be the right investment for your home space or workspace. For someone who might be a total amateur in technical knowledge,

Premier Electrical Services shall aid you with setting up wireless network systems for your home & businesses alike and make your life a lot easier. In a unique bid, Premier Electrical Services caters to your needs beyond conventional measures by providing warranty and maintenance plans in addition to offering reliable wireless installation services. Learn More.


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Premier Electrical Services - South Florida -

+1  954-900-1696

Online Appointment

We are ready to help you so please reach out to us and we will schedule a visit.

Premier Electrical Services - South Florida -

+1  954-900-1696

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