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Outdoor Lighting Design And Installation

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Lighting is most effective when utilized to accentuate design components. It should be done in such a way that it isn’t merely functional but actually reinforces the projects, geometrics, and complexities. They complement the dynamic quality architectural type, but with a completely different execution. Premier Electrical Services offers you top-notch outdoor electrical installation services that shall enhance your space’s overall beauty with outdoor lighting.

Fundamental Points To Understand About Outdoor Lighting

The first thing is that we actually require much less light in outdoor living situations than indoors, which means the overall lighting can generally be more theatrical and less focused. The second is that in lower ambient light situations, we actually prefer lower color temperature light that is warmer and visually more comfortable. Naturally, the objective of outdoor lighting design is to aim for low, warmly toned lighting levels.

The lighting effect primarily relies on nearby structures to act as ambient light sources. This can be quite powerful when it leverages a distinct interior material palette. However, one must be cognizant of the fact that a bright building next to a dark landscape is a high contrast situation. To minimize this effect, you may consider supplementing with smaller light fixtures at the far edge of gathering spaces away from the home.

Because it’s how we’re used to viewing the world around us, which is a combination of dark and light, layering light feels the most natural. Step lights are also an essential tool in your outdoor lighting palette because they can be tucked out of the way or recessed in walls. They can even be completely concealed and used to achieve a hovering effect. Additionally, layering has the added effect of connecting interior and exterior spaces and reduces the black hole effect we often see with exterior walls of glass.

Lights pointed upward into the primary line of sight can be uncomfortable, so one must use lower wattage lamps. Use shields and position them out of nearby seeded sightlines if possible. You may also use a dimmer to mitigate the effects of glare and to control intensity.

Types Of Outdoor Lighting

Some popular outdoor lighting systems have been discussed below –

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting has narrow, very narrow, wide, and extra-wide beam angles. These terms describe the angle of the beam from its center point to its edge. The best beam angle for each fixture is determined by what it’s like. Look at the target area or object that you want to light to determine which angle you need. For example- 17-degree beams or very narrow beams produce extremely narrow cones of light, ideal for flagpoles, palm trees, columns, or other tall, narrow objects. Be mindful that when the light from a fixture is concentrated into such a small area, the light in that area becomes stronger. So you may need to select a less powerful lamp if you use it. 24-degree spotlights project narrow beams that are best used on tall, narrow objects.

Flood Lighting

35 to 38-degree beams or floodlights are ideal angles to use when lighting between the windows on the front of the house or with smaller trees. 60 degrees is a good all-purpose beam angle for floodlights that accentuates the look of house facades, plant material, and any application where you want fairly wide coverage. This angle prevents a visible cone of light from being projected on the surface. This gives the lighting a more natural aspect. Finally, 110-degree beams or very wide floodlights are used for covering large areas like walls with a wide expanse of light.

Low-Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lighting has quite a few benefits. The ease of installation makes installing our lighting a breeze. You don’t have to run conduits first to install your lighting system. Just place your cables where you want them and cover them with soil or other outdoor materials so that your space looks clean and tidy. It’s well known that intruders are more likely to stay away from well-lit spaces, but beyond that low voltage lighting is safe for your family and friends. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting electrocuted if they accidentally touch a live cable, a fixture, or the transformer and because the system is low voltage, you can even install your fixtures while the transformers are turned on. The third benefit to low voltage lighting is the brightness and the light quality.

Even though the voltage of the system and the wattage of the fixtures are lower than traditional outdoor lighting systems, they are just as bright. The advanced technology deployed by Premier Electrical Services ensures that the light output is affordable, high-quality, and long-lasting. Depending on your workspace or residential area, we customize the outdoor lighting system in a way that won’t wash out your landscape as some traditional lighting might. Further, low voltage lighting fixtures require very low wattage. This proves to be more economical in the long run and is better for the environment. It is also easy to relocate or change up. If you don’t like the way that something looks, you can adjust the position of your lights easily.

Tree Lighting

Using strategic selection and placement, you can convert a dark and spooky landscape into a safe and secure area that is also pleasing to the eye. One of the more common fixtures illuminating trees is uplighting. In order to get the best results without planting a tree, you must determine if you’ll need to light the tree from one or more directions based on its location. Next, you’ll need to know the size and the shape of the tree to help you choose the placement of the fixtures and how powerful they need to be. It will also help you decide the best beam angle. Another consideration is the density of the canopy since canopies may only allow you to light it from elsewhere. Finally, consider future growth. Will you need to install more lights in the future? If yes, you’ll want to purchase a transformer that can handle the increased load as new fixtures are added.

Unique And Catchy Outdoor Lighting For Your Home Or Business

Whatever lighting strategy you select, it should always be respectful of the environment and your neighbors apart from ornamenting your space. Use only the light you need, which is not only more comfortable for you and your guests/employees, but is a better use of electricity and it will preserve the view of the night sky for future generations as well. When you choose Premier Electrical Services for your outdoor lighting needs, you are choosing someone that is backed by years of experience and expertise in outdoor lighting installation. Our certified experts work on all aspects of the display, from selecting low-voltage fixtures that are specifically designed for the outdoors to installing them in the most flattering ways possible. No matter what day or time it is, they’ll provide services 24*7, including on weekends. Contact them to curate the best outdoor lighting plan for your home.

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