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Surveillance Systems

Smart Home Surveillance Installation

Want to prevent your house from burglars and be more in control of what’s happening inside the house? Then the system of wireless cameras and smart doorbell cameras is just right for you. 

Our team will install the cameras on the wall or ceilings, configure a digital video recorder, connect the cameras to your WiFi, and integrate a mobile device or a smart home hub if you have one.

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Why Choose Us to Install Your Smart Home Security System?

Premier Electrical Services approach every client with care and responsibility. 

  • Before installing anything, we conduct a thorough examination of the house to determine how many cameras you will need and where are the best places to locate them. 
  • If you are not sure as to what cameras you’d like to install, we’ll consult you and pick the best-fitting option. 
  • We install and configure a cloud-based digital video recorder.
  • We connect the cameras to the WiFi network and make sure all your smart home devices are compatible, we can connect the surveillance system to the existing smart home hub or voice assistant. 
  • If necessary, we’ll install the mobile app and show you how to use it.

Moreover, by choosing us for your smart home services, you get:

  • Availability around the clock
  • Quick responses 
  • Free on-site assessment
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Experienced and licensed staff

We operate in the Broward County and Boca Raton area of Palm Beach.

3 Benefits of Having Smart Home Surveillance

It Protects Your House  

This is the main reason why people go for security cameras. With a smartphone or a laptop, you’ll be able to monitor the doors of the house from pretty much anywhere. 

In comparison with regular security systems, which go off when something already happened, a smart surveillance system takes a proactive approach. You are able to constantly monitor everything that happens around the house. If, for instance, the back door was opened by mistake, you’ll get notified. 

It Increases the Value of Your Home 

According to the research done by CNET, 81% of current smart-home device owners say they would be more willing to buy a home with a smart system in place. When it’s time to sell the house, its price will go up significantly if it is equipped with smart devices. 

It Allows You to Look After Your Pet

Want to know if your pet eats properly while you are away? Want to make sure they are safe when spending time in the backyard? You can also notice some behaviors you never noticed before and can start correcting them. 


What’s the Price of Smart Home Security Camera System Installation?

Before establishing the final price, we need to conduct an on-site examination to make sure we can meet all your needs. Only then is the final price for our services established. 

Luckily, our on-site examinations are free of charge!

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