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PA Systems Installations

PA System Installation

We know that a good sound system is at the heart of businesses and events in Florida. Premier Electrical Services is there for you to install a reliable public address system.

We work for all kinds of businesses in the Broward County and Boca Raton area of Palm Beach:

  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Medical facilities
  • Conference venues
  • Churches
  • Malls and retail
  • Corporate offices  

Choose Us To Install your Public Address System

Premier Electrical Services will assist you on every stage towards your perfect sound system:

  1. We’ll help you pick the best amplifiers, speakers, and other necessary components of the PA system.
  2. We’ll examine the site to find the best place for the main controller, speakers, and other parts of the system.
  3. We’ll install everything for you.
  4. In case you are not satisfied with our services (which is highly unlikely), we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We make sure that the public address system we install functions without a hitch, works with multiple inputs and sources, minimizes all the sound pills, and provides the sound of the best quality. 

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What does a PA System Include?

  • Wall or floor Racks
  • In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Audio Processors
  • Volume Control Components
  • Amplifiers
  • Sound Mixers & Mixer Amplifiers
  • Sound Masking Speakers & Amplifiers
  • Paging Horns
  • Pendant Mount Speakers
  • Surface Mount Speakers


Of course, not every system is going to have all the components. Every client’s public address sound system will be unique, and we help you decide which elements are necessary for you. 

By choosing Premier Electrical Services, you get:

  • Quick and timely responses
  • Virtually 24/7 availability 
  • Highly professional and certified team 
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free on-site assessments

What’s the Price of Public Address Systems Installation?

We approach every client in a unique way. So, before setting the price for your services, we need to examine the site and come up with a unique sound system plan. Only then is the price established.

Luckily, you won’t have to pay for any of our on-site assessments.

Install your perfect PA system with us!

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