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Intercom Systems

Intercom System Installation

Are you looking to achieve better communication across your office or house? Premier Electrical Services is there to install an intercom system for you, in a house or commercial building in the Broward County and Boca Raton area of Palm Beach.  

Why Choose Us to Install Intercom Systems?

  • We will take care of the entire process: from consultation and on-site investigation to post-installation maintenance.
  • If you have other security equipment, we’ll make sure the intercom system is compatible with it. 
  • We install all types of intercom systems: audio, video, wired, and wireless.


By choosing Premier Electrical Services, you get:

  • Timely responses
  • Round-the-clock availability 
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free on-site examination
  • Experienced and certified team
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4 Benefits of Installing Home Systems

An intercom system is a great addition to your home and business security, but the benefits go far beyond that:

You See Visitors Before Letting Them In

The system helps you make sure you only allow people who belong to your place or someone you’re expecting to enter your home or business. Moreover, it makes the communication between the host and the visitors much easier as you don’t have to get up and answer the door or make someone in the office do that. You just push the button to see who’s out there. 

Check Out on Your Kids and Pets

Intercom helps keep an eye on small children and pets if you want to make sure they are safe while you are in another room or away. Even more, depending on the type of intercom, you can communicate with your kids through audio or video. 

Deter Crime

Even the presence of an intercom system can protect your house and business from criminals. When burglars see that you have such a system in place that could catch them in the act, they’ll think twice before breaking into the house or the office.  

Increase the Value of Your Property 

No doubt, people want to live and work in places that are safe. So, when the time comes to sell your office or house, you’ll be able to fetch a higher price. 

What’s the Cost of Intercom System Installation?

Before establishing the price, we conduct an on-site examination. This allows us to design an installation project that satisfies all your needs. Only then is the final price established.  

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