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How To Fix Electrical Outlets That Won’t Work

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When it comes to troubleshooting outlets, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, especially with what people are plugging into them. What you really need to do is check what you are plugging in and make sure that the outlet is connected well to handle that load. Common things people mistakenly plug in that have caused damage over the years include heaters, treadmills, and Christmas lights. Heaters draw a lot of current so make sure you check the label on the back of the heater. If you plug one of these things and the outlet does stop working, turn the breaker off if it didn’t already trip and inspect that outlet and you may find out that the wire has been stabbed into the back of the outlet.

Over time, these wires loosen up and when you plug a heavy load into it, you burn up the wire. Loose connections cause sparking, sparking causes heat, and heat causes fire. You need to remove the damaged wire and then wrap the wires around the new outlet screws instead of stabbing it in this way. If the problem wasn’t at the outlet, check that circuit’s neutral wire at the panel. If it was loose, the same thing could have happened there. If you need help doing these things, check out Premier Electrical Services to hire a licensed, trained, and insured electrician. With Premier Electrical Services, you get a professional to work on your electrical requirements using up-to-date methods and equipment that is safe.

How To Detect A Fault In Your Outlet

Picture this scenario. Your refrigerator quit working and you don’t know why it could be. It could be that whatever is plugged into the outlet is bad or the outlet doesn’t have any power, so the first thing you want to do is locate the panel box in your house and look for any tripped breakers. It’s going to be quite obvious, one of them is not going to look like the others and it’s going to be in the off position. You now need to reset the breaker. So what could possibly have happened here is that breaker has gotten weak over time which happens if there’s a lot of current going through that breaker. But what if no breakers are tripped and you still have no power in the outlet?

In this case, there are a few ways through which you can check the same. Find yourself a lamp and you plug it into an outlet that you know works. Next, plug it into the outlet in question. There might be an issue with the outlet-whether it’s the plug itself, the wiring, or possibly a bad breaker. Alternatively, you can use a plug tester or a voltmeter to test the outlet. However, these tools require you to handle live wires and demand great care on your part to keep your fingers away. Since this might seem intimidating, a great suggestion is to call up Premier Electrical Services and book an appointment. We are available on all days of the week and promptly address emergencies. With the expertise we hold, you shall get a safe and reliable solution for your broken outlets. We additionally help you to cut costs by offering cost-effective solutions and going over every detail of your quote with you before commencing any repairs.

Outlet Troubleshooting

When an electrical outlet goes dead, it’s very easy to jump to a conclusion and assume the worst. However, typically, the trouble might be something very straightforward and easy to fix, so you can save up the price of a solution by just taking a few actions to determine the cause. Don’t worry if you are not comfortable doing an electrical job, there will always be problems that are best entrusted to an electrical expert. Give a call to Premier Electrical Services to do the job for you. Moreover, hiring someone with a license and insurance will divest you of liability as a house or business owner. After all, it’s much better to save the time that you will spend figuring out the problem and risking the safety and life of yourself and others by trying to resolve the problem.

As discussed previously, you need to utilize a plug tester or voltmeter to check the outlets as to whether they are faulty. Additionally, you should unplug lights as well as appliances from dead outlets to avoid the possibility of a short circuit or overload. You can even mark the area of dead outlets with concealing tape so that you can spot them once again after you have turned off the power. After you’ve unplugged all the gadgets from dead outlets, you must next check for a blown fuse or stumbled breaker. Here you must be aware of where the breakers and fuses or the electric panel, in general, are located. If the breaker is on and the electrical outlets are still not receiving power, you have to make sure to push the reset switch even if among them is a GFI. If there is no GFI reset switch then it could be possible that your outlet is harmed or might have a loose cord that could be causing various other outlets to also not have power. This is similar to fairy lights where if one light goes out, then all blow out. This is what could be happening with your outlet, so you should identify which outlet in the initial row is not working.

Since modern building regulations require outlets to be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI. Electrical outlets that are GFCI-protected will certainly close down by themselves if they are overheated. So if you detect an electrical outlet to have stopped working, then you must reset all the GFCI electrical outlets because one faulty outlet will likewise cause all outlets on the same line to quit working. Solving this problem requires additional electrical testing that can only be better understood by an expert. Talking of an expert, Premier Electrical Services furnishes you with top-notch outlet repair and installation services in the US. They specialize in handling electrical services for residential and small business locations in catering to each business’ needs individually.

However, if resetting the GFCI also doesn’t solve the problem, your most likely solution is to find loose wires. Thankfully, the newer system that is followed by American electrical outlets is less complicated when it comes to setting up wires. These kinds of outlets save time when mounting an electrical outlet, but sometimes cause the wires to become loose and are called stab-in electrical outlets. If you have these sorts of outlets, you can possibly look for any bulged cord. Next, you will be required to examine the electrical outlet thoroughly by removing the cover and check if there are loose cords or wires that you might need to fix. However, if you don’t find any loose connections or are not sure if there is a wire that’s causing the problem but is still anxious to find a solution to the problem, you can reach out to Premier Electrical Services- one of the leading electrical services providers in the US that ventures beyond professional service to understand the requirements of your business or residential area and offers boutique solutions.

Understanding The Warning Signs

Lastly, electrical outlets can also go bad for no apparent factor. Fixing outlets is something that requires you to have at least some technical knowledge because failing to fix the outlet properly can cause an accident or mishap in the future that can endanger your life and safety. On the other hand, failing to close down an outlet properly can cause significant injury to the one who’s fixing it. All you need to do is examine the warning signs. Once you find the signs of your outlets breaking down, you must immediately reach out to an electrician and schedule an appointment.

Whatever the requirements are, Premier Electrical Services gives you the certainty of receiving the highest quality product service at a fair price. They are available around the clock, including on weekends and holidays, and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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