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Home Networking

Home Networking Installation Services

With thousands of people working from home, strong connection all around the house is a must these days. Premier Electrical Services are there to take care of network design, networking installation services, configuration, upgrades, and computer network installation in the Broward County and Boca Raton area of Palm Beach.

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Why Install a Home Network With Us?

We’ll Take Care of the Entire Process 

  1. We’ll survey the site, advise you on routers with minimal signal interference, great transfer speed, and the latest encryption within your budget.
  2. We’ll devise an installation project to make sure we meet all your needs. 
  3. Our team will install all the necessary components, then establish a reliable password and choose adequate settings that will keep your connection secure. 
  4. We’ll add your wireless devices to the network.  
  5. In case you are not satisfied with our installation services, we offer a full money-back guarantee!


Your Data Will Be Safe 

We guarantee your data security and privacy as Premier Electrical Services uses end-to-end integrated encryption technologies. 

Wired and Wireless Network Installation 

We offer both wired and wireless network installation, regardless of the complexity of the project, we’re ready to meet all your needs. 

Moreover, by choosing Premier Electrical Services, you get:

  • Great quality and good timing 
  • Quick and timely responses 
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free on-site assessments

What’s the Price of Home Network Installation Services?

The price of our services depends heavily on the needs you have. We do our best to fulfill those needs, so before establishing the final price, we conduct a thorough on-site investigation and devise an installation project for you.  

This is why all of our assessments and estimations are free of charge! 

Install your home WiFi setup with Premier Electrical Services!

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